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Light and Shadow

Step 1

We'll discuss your niche, products/services, and the overall goals of your business. I'll use this information to figure out how to position the content and which strategies to use for each and every video. 

Whether you're just starting out and need fresh content OR you're an established brand and your current content is NOT performing well... I can jump right in.

Step 2

Once I understand what you need, I'll send you an invoice and you'll go ahead and ship the products. 

If you're looking for content on a consistent monthly basis, we will determine how many videos you need per week, and then create either a weekly or monthly schedule. For example, I could present 2 concept ideas for approval each week and then create OR I could present 8 concepts for approval each month and then create.  

Step 3

Once the products arrive, I will send the video concepts over within 3 days for approval. After the concepts have been approved, my timeline of 2 weeks will begin. If you need content sooner, ask me about expediting! You will receive your videos fully filmed, edited, with text and voiceovers added.

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